Red Bull Vodka



2 oz. Vodka

1 can of Red Bull Energy Drink

Instructions:Combine over ice in a highball glass.

It seems that Red Bull and alcohol produces a unique partnership, where alcohol is considered as a depressant, Red Bull is a stimulant for our body. Their combination prevents drowsiness caused by its alcohol content and by adding Red Bull to it, you will not easily get a hangover.

Possibly one of the single most addicting drinks I have found. No I am not an alcoholic as some of you maybe wondering since I’m posting this. But rather an enthuthiast that would like to pass along a great drink for all of you interested. Not only does it make you chipper but if gives you wings as well! woohoo!!! Cheers


One Response to Red Bull Vodka

  1. trm says:

    use the sugar free red bull, it also is excellent at preventing hangovers if you drink too many with sugar the sugar makes you hungover for some reason!

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